Want to help our community during COVID-19?

It’s easy to feel scared and on edge about the current situation with COVID-19, but while some people are fighting over the last toilet roll in the supermarket, and others are stock piling on bread, we ask you to do something kind and think of others who are in desperate need of your help during the Coronavirus outbreak.

From the vulnerable and elderly, to local food banks and homeless shelters, donate to one of these worthy charities below, and do your bit to help your community.

As a company, we were grappling with how to stay indoors while helping out in meaningful ways.

So, we perused through out Internet for charities that are in dire need of help and found few organisations that you could consider contributing to.

1. #KitaBantuKita: Bantu Jiran Kita

© Kita.fund

This campaign takes into account struggling families whose head of household has suffered pay cuts, loss of a job, had their children laid off, or other implications that have been brought on by the outbreak.

In hopes of reaching out to at least 500 families in need, this effort aims to raise about RM100,000 to cover the expenses of such households for the period of the MCO. 

Click here to donate.

2. The Lost Food Project

© The Lost Food Project

This food bank takes on surplus food to help reduce waste and fight hunger. They are accepting funds or food to be donated to feeding those who are vulnerable in the society.

Click here to donate.

3. Free Meals for Frontliners

© Savor Of Life

Aiming to raise at least RM28k, this is an initiative to deliver fresh and healthy food to medical professionals that are on duty around Hospital Sungai Buloh and Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Each day, based on donations, 50 lunch and 50 dinner meal sets will be delivered to these two locations to doctors, nurses and medical professionals.

Click here to donate.

4. COVID-19 Support Fund by 100% Project

© 100% Project

Lets help them fundraising to purchase medical supplies like protective suits, surgical masks, and face masks as well as food supplies to be distributed across hospitals.

Click here to donate.

5. Pit Stop Community Café


The local community café is pledging for food, non-food items, and cash to be handed out to the poor and underserved.

Click here to find out more.

6. NGO Hub Emergency Fund

© NGOhub

Their end goal is to collect around RM100,000 total to aid a list of 16 beneficiaries that serve the homeless, elderly, orphans disabled persons and refugees. 

Click here to donate.

7. Mercy Malaysia COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fun

© Mercy Malaysia

The purpose of this fund is to provide emergency relief fund for elderly citizens, low income families, those who are susceptible to the virus, immobile, and underprivileged.

Click here to donate.

8. IMARET Covid19 Support Fund


IMARET is now in effort to mobilise volunteers in areas in need, besides assisting our dedicated front liners. They are now organising a fundraising campaign to aid in this project. In this times of calamity, the most they need is support. 

Click here to donate.


Besides donating, you can also volunteer to help assist the Ministry of Health as they are shorthanded during this pandemic. You can check out Mercy Malaysia or kitajagakita.com to find out how you can do your part.

Here’s to looking out after each other and always remember to practice good hygiene and social distancing! #KitaJagaKita


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